Tape - (Re-)/Recording (E)


In all phases of your production we offer a recording on magnetic tape.

This means individual takes (each individually to be track recorded), Stems, Mix-Downs- as required before or after the Final mastering - can be send to us, and we record them on Tape for your further processing.


You can also decide whether you want this only perceive as a component in the mixing and mastering process and/or want to purchase the Tapes for further useage.


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Should you wish to request a tape for other personal use purchase, we will send you your audio material on conventional 1/4 "" magnetic tape and in an appropriate length. Prices may vary in this case according to the manufacturer, the length, quality and expenditure time.


The production and procurement of adequate magnetic tapes can not be as simple as to buy the current albums by Thommy Silence in online stores. So we please you for generous scheduling.


Since the beginning of professional music production, shots were recorded on tape (magnetic tape). Due to the many technical advantages such as efficiency and cost savings, digital production facilities were continuously developed to this level since the 1990's.


However, forming a pure digital recording, although it uses almost the complete human perceptible frequency spectrum, for most ears of music connoisseurs it has not the desired tonal image from deep bass and lower midrange and treble rounded off.


Also the one or other listener does like the charme through the times greater, times smaller imperfection a tape recording provides.


Consequently, producing industry got back to the rules and many music producers and sound engineers returned despite the higher costs back to Tape-/Re-recording.


Especially in rock and metal but also in other genres is therefore still set to the natural saturation of a magnetic tape as a starting point for the mixing and mastering processes.