Online Pre-Mixing und Mix-Down (E)


You have the resources, the know-how and want to record your tracks in your usual environment but let someone else customize the mixdown? Then Take a look at our services!

Of course, everyone has ever heard of equalizers and other popular mixing tools. However, there are endless possibilities to make a mix an instrument sound different with good sounding equipment.


If you want us to Pre-Mix or Mix-Down your Recordings just read the information below and contact us.



Instruction for preparation (Mixing).pdf

Kontakt - Thommy Silence



A good mix is the basic requirement for an optimum result in the later mastering. To get the best results there should be distincted between pre-mix and mix-down.




When pre-mixing each instrumental track is analyzed for its sound-specific characteristics and treated in accordance with sound technology. So the individual character of an instrument is stressed, whether Monster Metal drum kit or Fargot.




During mixdown, the individual instrumental tracks are combined in a mix-down track and their sonic ratios are beeing adjusted to each other. So they can not affect each other track and let the mix sound undifferentiated and mushy.

Online Mixing

(Prices per Song)

1-4 Songs: 77,- $

up to 8 Songs: 66,- $

up to 12 Songs: 55,- $

*from a Track length of 5 minutes plus 50% of the respective track price

per additional minute