Stem/Integrative-Mastering (E)


This method is a hybrid between Mixing and Mastering. The Pre-Mixed tracks are split into so-called Stems. Stems are subsets of a Mix. Therefore Mix is split into groups of drums, bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, keyboards and vocals for example.

Stem-Mastering should -not as a last resort- be choosen by all seriously professionally in the music industry working or simply music appreciating people, who want to achieve a fair result with thier production.



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Kontakt - Thommy Silence



Within Stem- or Multitrack-Integrative-Mastering the engineer has a lot more engaging ways to improve tone and dynamics of a track very individually and inconspicuously and/or repair problem areas of the mix and/or adapt the sound. The division of Stems means that groups of instruments are summarized according to the Pre-Mix into a track (called Stems). For example: Drums = 1 track; Bass = 1 track; Rhythm Guitars = 1 track; Keyboards = 1 track; Vocals = 1 track. So every of this Stems can individually be adapted to a Mix-Down and Mastering according to requirements of the single Stem. If recommanded, we hear your Pre-Mix before Mastering and could give you a proposal for an optimal and individual allocation of Stems.


The so-called Integrative-Mastering will respond to the Mastering-Tool-Chain during the Mix-Down. Therefore a Mastering-Chain, as close to the end result as possible is routed on the Tracks/Stems continuousely. That gives an foretaste of how the Mix-Down sounds under the Mastering-Chain in the end. So we do not have the risk of problems that can be solved only if you go back one production step (in the Mix-Down).


Not infrequently, there is a case that a mixdown has good and balanced sound, but under Mastering effekts partially sounds not good at all. For example, The Vocals sound too intrusive or an instrument (usually drums) has too much reverb. In the worst case, the entire mix must be recreated.


With Stem- or Multitrack-Integrative-Mastering also disturbing bass or especially high frequencies may be perceived much earlier and are already eliminated during the Mix-Down. Ideally, through this procedure less effects in the MasterBus are required and beyond this approach it saves a lot of time because the wohle Song with its peculiarities is already known by all involved parties. And that saves in the overall result time and reduces costs.

Stem-/Integrative Mastering

(Prices per Song)

1-4 Songs: 111,- $

up to 8 Songs: 95,- $

up to 12 Songs: 78,- $

*from a track length of 5 minutes plus 10% of the respective track price

per additional minute