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Once you play with the idea of professionally promote music in iTunes, you will encounter sooner or later on the "myth" Mastered for iTunes. However, underlying this is less than it at first glance to be seem.

We do it for € 8 per track. With a Stem-/Integrative - Mastering this service is included. A certificate "Mastered for iTunes" will not be given by us. The method is, identical. Or you do it yourself.




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Most online streaming sevices, such as Soundcloud, Youtube, Itunes etc. use highly compressed audio formats (mainly MP3 or AAC). Consequently, in most cases, if you load up a very good sounding and mastered audio files in WAV, AIFF or MP3 to a streaming sevice, the result is a terribly distorted playback. The reason for this is the biggest enemy of all melodious recordings: "The so-called Intersample distortion". This arises in particular in very noisy or highly densified Masterings. It does not matter if everything was fine before. For this we offer in addition to the procedures proposed by the streamers themselves additional processing. So the highly compressed audio file might still come up to the desired sound quality. So you have your fully finished and professionally produced recordings that you want sale on iTunes or other stores or want to load up to streamers as SoundCloud etc. in order of promotion, then we can help you certainly with a few handles.

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 per Song: 8,- $



*from a track length of 5 minutes plus 10% of the respective track price

per additional minute