""From the deepest abyss of the soul"

(A production by Thommy Silence)




Ligeias Journeys

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's "Ligeia"


Ligeia is a reincarnative, hybrid creature, whose descent is derived from, both on sibyls and sirens, as well as on witches and enchantresses.

Generally, she spends her existence in a spiritual, natural and mystical hereafter, the New World. Though, at the end of a cycle, she must fulfill reincarnation into the here and now through the Mirror of Eternity, to collect energy for her existence in the hereafter, until the end of the next cycle. Therefore, she is mostly parasitic in the life energy of the inhabitants, that live in the here and now, after she had previously captivated them. Her physical shape is different with each reincarnation, and their genetic predispositions may differ in strength and variety.

Her opponent is the cosmic hero Honestus Magnus, who reincarnates whenever Ligeia breaks through the Mirror of Eternity. For this purpose, he always needs the physical covering of a chosen resident, whose permission he must first obtain. In his ancestry there are a whole series of heroes of the here and now and of the hereafter, to whom he emulates and whose advice he takes in seemingly hopeless situations. His goal is to ban Ligeia back into the hereafter as well as the salvation of the here and now and of its inhabitants. Once he has successfully completed his mission, he may return to the illustrious circle of his ancestors and celebrate with his triumph duly in the great cosmic festival hall, until he is summoned to the next battle, after he is regenerated through met and feasts...

EPs - Legeias Journey

The Mirror of Eternity

Release 2017