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In the field of Guitar Recordings also opened up thanks to modern software like Amplitube or GuitarRig new opportunities.


Thus, it has e.g. become a common approach, to record the direct-to-signal  (DI-Signal) of a guitar with a software to than afterwards Re-Record it with an individual Amp Setup.





Instruction for preparation (Mixing).pdf

Kontakt - Thommy Silence



This is useful in many cases, because you can correct the settings and features of an amp set-up where appropriate and may vary in endless ways. A particular advantage is of course that guitarists who do not have the necessary equipment available - a passable Amp and a SM57 usually is not enough for ordinary shots - can upload thier DI-Signal takes and Re-Record afterwards with the desired sound. In addition, a DI-Signal recording can be Re-Recorded and modulated as often as you want.


Of course, with reference to the above-mentioned software it is also possible for us to create a professional sound for your recorded DI-Signal takes if you wish so.



(Prices per Track)

1-4 Tracks: 28,- $

up to 8 Tracks: 22,- $

up to 12 Tracks: 17,- $

*from a track length of 5 minutes plus 25% of the respective track price

per additional minute



Track Editing


(Prices charged at cost)



28,- $ per hour