Schlagzeug - Re/Recording - Editing (E)


To realize sensible and especially good sounding and easily editable drum recordings at a fair ratio of expenses and costs is nearly impossible for a large number of musicians and bands on low budget.


A studio stay which assures an appropriate result often is connected with immense costs.

But for some years there is an excellent alternative for this:




Instruction for preparation (Mixing).pdf

Kontakt - Thommy Silence



The Drum editing or recording via Midi. Here, for example, a as an "dirt track" recorded drumtrack with the individual play of the drummer is transmited in a Midi-Track. Then this will be dubbed using a Drum Software with Drumsounds created by us (Re-Recorded). 


In the case that the one or other drummer is getting hysterical now, let us tell you, that this is the common work procedure of today which almost everyone of his role model might use as well. The big advantage: It is not necessary to design a possibly several days time taking major studio setup on a drum kit with endless Recording Sessions which may take the last forces of the drummer and end up in frustration. This saves enormous costs and on top of that accomplishes time-efficiency.


The drummer can alternatively record his takes in a MIDI file via E-Drum Kit (such as Roland TD 30K, Yamaha DTX532K, etc.) or via triggers by analog drum kit import, which is then afterwards Re-Recorded edited and processed in Multitracks. This method is currently used in many productions at mainstream radio or current metal productions because of its cost and time efficiency. Even the acclaimed progressive metal band Dream Theater made public to benefit from this approach.


Of course it is also possible for us to process your analog Multitrack-Drum-Recording, if you have the adequate equipment and know-how for your requirements to create one. Just send us your purpose Multitrack-Drum-Recording with the appropriate by following the instruction (see obove).



(Prices per Track)

1-4 Tracks: 28,- $

up to 8 Tracks: 22,- $

up to 12 Tracks: 17,- $

*from a track length of 5 minutes plus 25% of the respective track price

per additional minute



Track Editing


(Prices charged at cost)



28,- $ per hour