We offer various services for audioproduction and audioengineering.

Audioproduction - Recording (E)


Audioproductions should be executed depending on the individual circumstances and needs. The conditions and procedures of each artist or band are very different. Therefore, the conditions of a production should be adjusted to the personal realities and skills.


We are pleased to give  you advise to your projects and make an individual offer for your production, whether you are beginners  for hobby music or even semipros to professionals who know how the wind blows.



It is possible to produce a very good sounding demo (live or as a multi-track recording) for application or a in all stages of production sophisticated product for CD, vinyl or online sales (iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.). Depending on how your claims are, whether you can use an acoustically suitable rehearsal room, adequate equipment and experience, even want to rent a studio or if you stand at the beginning of the planning of a project to carry out the recording sessions, does not matter. Take a view at our offers in the navigation bar. There is always a solution. Contact us for your individual advice and check out a the sample checklist in the link below. Click on the following links for further information:


Contact - Thommy Silence

Sample Checklist for  preperation of an Production - Order