Convetional - (Single-Track) Mastering (E)

In this process the overall mix completely finished is summarized in one stereo track and edited with tools. This is less complicated and therefore also associated with less cost.

The Mix-Down should already be as clean as possible and worked out very closely. There can't be expected miracles on the sound with this method!
In most cases the other methods are the better choice.



 Anleitung zur Vorbereitung (Mastering).pdf

 Kontakt - Thommy Silence


This method has the disadvantage that the Mix-Down must be in the best possible condition with regard to the desired result because the mastering engineer has got a hardly limited scope  to fix any discrepancies or noises, sibilance or even distortion. In addition, only the overall dynamics of the track could be processed. This means, that for example drums, bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals  can not separately be edited. So the mastering engineer is forced to make drastic compromises at the cost of each instrument in the track.

Conventional Mastering


(Prices per Song)


1-4 Songs: 33,- $


up to 8 Songs: 28,- $


up to 12 Songs: 20,- $

*from a track length of 5 minutes plus 10% of the respective track price

per additional minute