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Mastering is the final step in creating an audio product. Here, the overall mix again is treated as needed with different sound technology tools such as (Multi-band) Compressors, EQ, Stereo-Immager, Limiter, Maximiser etc. . The result should be an authentic acoustic picture of the recorded dynamic and tone and optimally adapt to the endlessy different playback devices.

In this process particular strengths and weaknesses of a recording have to be brought in a healthy relationship.




Instruction for preparation (Mixing).pdf

Kontakt - Thommy Silence



For this purpose we use -according to the individual need- a combination of analog and digital components. For the "art" of Mastering there are various philosophies to be found.  However, two basic procedures to Masterníng have manifested, which have, depending to the type of music and arrangement of the song, pros and cons. For further information please take a look in the navigation bar or click on the following Links: