'Silence is the honor of the slaves'

(Publius Cornelius Tacitus)
Artist-Biographie von Thommy Silence


Thommy Silence is an artist, music producer and audio engineer who also creates mixed media artworks and performances.


Thommy undertook finally failed attempts to fit in an bourgeois normed german life. After university-entrance diploma, skilled manual work, technical studies,  law school and initiated dissertation, the advertised personal and intellectual freedom did not adjust as hoped. As an always admired Professor told him one day: "I also wanted to be free, but in fact we are all working in a factory until we are 60, then we are more or less well paid dying very slowly..." Thommy decided break out of the industrially standardized life and to strive for mentally free musical activity. This desire has been implemented with the 2016 world  wide digital and in the United States as a CD-R released album "The Preachment".


In addition, he continues to work as a studio musician and audio engineer and provides services for musicians and bands on his website. Such as Mixing, Mastering, Producing, photo shoots and production of Lyric- and music videos. His own label is Silent Records.


The mood in his music videos is often touchingly beautiful, but at the same time painfully attractive. Again and again the viewer is confronted with issues of current global affairs and left alone with a mixture of conflicting emotions and thoughts.

Thommy spend his future, unlike his name suggests, spend even "quiet" and is currently working on to different productions which's global releases are planned in 2016 and 2017 because:


'If silence is the honor of the slaves, talking is the honor of the free.'






















The Preachment

Release 2016


Mindcraft A.D.

Release 2017